28 02 2014

Geocaching events in Gävle are usually attended by a relatively small group of enthusiasts and it was pretty much the same at Mysteryevent. I don’t know if it is due to people living such busy lives and having other things to participate in when there is an event or just that there aren’t so many geocachers in Gävle. Perhaps the latter is true but the numbers are increasing all the time. This was a special mystery event as the CO Eligirly managed to run it twice. She is now puzzling over the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat and wondering if that applied to the event. 😉

I have a good two dozen mystery caches to solve within 10 km from home so I had some expectations for the event. I don’t think anyone gave away a solution to any of the puzzles that were discussed. I heard more along the lines of “have you thought about looking at it in this way?” I think that was good because it was possible for people to solve the puzzles themselves having been given a pointer in the right direction. I was able to swap a hint with Yari so we are now both able to carry on with a couple of the local D5/T5 caches namely Kalkbrottet and Råttfällan.

The event was held at Lättings, a coffee shop located in the city prison, well ex-prison, as it is now a museum. It’s a place I haven’t been to before despite having lived in Gävle for more than a decade. It was cosy.

Keen puzzle solvers at the event.

Keen puzzle solvers at the event.

There were a handful of visitors from Dalarna, some 80 km to the west of Gävle, which was great and there are many puzzle caches in both areas around Falun and Hedemora that I can see I will be visiting this summer. I have solved a number of mystery caches there already but now have a few more to add to the list.

A direct outcome of the event was that I solved Pappersvikning on my own later that evening as I was inspired to do some “homework” once I got home after the event.

GC4WZ82 Pappersvikning - a exercise that was fun and not too demanding

GC4WZ82 Pappersvikning – a exercise that was fun and not too demanding




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