Not a tree

11 03 2014

Not a tree in the middle of the forest

It would be a shame to call this an extreme cache but it was fun. After nearly a full weekend of looking after two small grandchildren it was great to get out for an hour and grab a cache in the forest that was a bit out of the ordinary. Spring seems to have arrived here in Gävle and it was 13C late on Sunday afternoon when I called the CO and we agreed to meet at the cache. Not knowing exactly what to expect I took both my ladder and climbing gear along the six hundred meter walk through the forest to the cache. Just as I arrived at ground zero I heard a voice behind me saying that the ladder wasn’t allowed. Of course, it was the CO who had caught up with me.

The previous two finders had used a ladder, which is of course “equipment”, the pre-requisite for a T5 cache. As they are in their seventies it is fully understandable. Actually carrying in the ladder to the cache was the hardest part of the adventure. Anyway, it didn’t take long to rig my abseiling gear and start off down the cliff. Er, did I say cliff? This was a very short descent and even taking into account the time needed to sign the log it was over in no time at all. The CO had a great laugh and I recharged my internal batteries that had been drained by two very active kids.

Easy peasy descent

Easy peasy descent




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