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17 03 2014

Snow on Saturday and snow today on Monday. Not usually uncommon in Sweden at this time of year but this winter has been different and we haven’t seen snow for the last month. Luckily the snow that came on Saturday was just a little and most melted away quickly. Sunday was a glorious day, despite the wind. A few degrees above zero and a clear blue sky. Perfect for a T5 event!

With Yari as passenger I drove over to Hedemora, a trip of about 90 minutes, for the event Damma av utrustningen. I missed the event last year so really wanted to be there this year. What was the location of the event, you may ask? At the top of the silo – 169 steps to the top and a rope to come back down. 🙂

The event started at the top of the silo

The event started at the top of the silo

As we arrived early we decided to find a couple of local caches with a good collection of favourite points. The random choices were Gamla silon and Motorstatnen #4 Matsbokurvan. Once we had found them we returned to the silo for the event. After climbing the 169 steps to the top of the silo we were welcomed by Knatos, the event organiser.

Most of the participants at the event.

Most of the participants at the event. (Photo: Svedjan)

After talking to those there, both known and unknown cachers we decided to start the downward journey. I have never abseilled down a pipe before so it was a novel experience. Popping out of the bottom end and finding oneself hanging freely in the air about 15 m above terra firma is quite an experience.

Daylight at the end of the tunnel, er, pipe.

Daylight at the end of the tunnel, er, pipe.

After the indoor abseil it was time for the outdoor run. Luckily it was the lee side we were abseilling down as it was quite windy. Getting over the edge wasn’t too difficult as there was a great ladder to grab onto. Then it was a 35 m walk down the side of the silo. Great fun. The procedure was repeated a couple of times, the main limiting factor being the climb up those steps!

Now I'm halfway down the silo.

Now I’m halfway down the silo.

Mr. Adventurer starting his descent. Note the passenger in his rucksack.

Mr. Adventurer starting his descent. Note the passenger in his rucksack. (Photo: Svedjan)

A couple more groups of cachers came from Gävle to the event, the young guys who love anything called T5 – you know who you are! Then there was the other group who were curious about abseilling and candidates for a premier trip. None of them actually tried, but they now know what it entails

After a few runs we decided to have a coffee break and then practice ascending. I still haven’t got my gear completely sorted so MR ZZ loaned me his and gave a few tips on technique. By then we were ready to grab a couple more favourited caches and as we saw PKA, Ironhawk67, Olleoljud and KrĂĄkan1 about 200m looking for a cache we decided to catch up with them and see if they wanted to join us. When we got to them they were just about ready to DNF the cache. I looked at the hint and glanced around. Bingo! There was the cache! As I pulled it up I heard cheers but not from our friends looking for the cache but half a dozen cachers standing on the top of the silon watching the proceedings. I have never found a cache with such an enthusiastic public before.

We continued on to Hälla Vandrarhem, Svedjan and Slagruta as they also had high favourite points and weren’t disappointed. According to the cache description a visit to Slagrutan the day of a full moon is directly dangerous but we had just come from a T5 cache and felt we were strong today. We survived and I’m pretty sure this cache will get an FP from all six of us that defied the warning.

A further visit to Hedemora hunting for caches this summer is definitely on the cards, as there is such a wide variety of creative caches to hunt for.




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