Spring CITO in Gävle

28 04 2014

CITOThe first time I attended a CITO event was in 2007. There were seven attendees, which was basically all the geocachers in Gävle at that time. Perhaps there have been other CITO events in Gävle since then but I have missed them. However, this year on the official geocaching.com CITO weekend I was able to attend Gävle CITO våren 2014. It was held in Herrgårdshagen, a large green area that once was the grounds for the home of an influential family in town before their financial collapse. As they made a lot of money on local tobacco production I can’t say I am sorry. It was built during the 1700’s, increased in size during the first part of the nineteenth century and demolished in 1963. Today, there are just a few traces of foundations left and the allé of trees down towards T-udden where the Rettig summerhouse (also demolished) was located.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at GZ, slightly delayed after my trip to the council dump, apart from Olleoljud in a colorful T-shirt was his homemade geocaching logo. Very creative!

Olleoljud's homemade geocaching logo

Olleoljud’s homemade geocaching logo

I had brought a sack and gloves with me so set off to pick up rubbish. After a while people started to recongregate at GZ and we were able to chat and “fika” – that great Swedish tradition. The weather was fantastic and loads of rubbish was collected. The council will come and remove the pile of sacks, bycicle wheels, corrugated iron, fire extinguishers and sacks of paper, plastic, bottles and cans that we picked up. The strangest find was a tachometer. Now who takes a tachometer with them out into the woods?

CITO Gävle with some of the participants and rubbish sacks

CITO Gävle with some of the participants and rubbish sacks

It was a great initiative from Olleoljud and event was very well attended. I hope that the geocachers of Gävle can make this into a yearly tradition.




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