Souvenir collecting

5 08 2014

It’s always nice to get souvenirs for geocaching and I am quite happy getting them for finding caches in new countries or on special occasions. I wasn’t too happy about last years attempt by Groundspeak to force me to find a cache every day of august to collect what turned out to be rather mediocre little bits of digital art. As a consequence I was a little jaded when a new series was announced for this August.

I had just solved and found a couple of mystery caches so I had a look at the souvenir and thought it looked quite good. I was also able to find a a traditional cache and a letterbox hybrid thus meeting the requirements for three of the seven possible souvenirs.

Three of the seven available souvenirs

Three of the seven available souvenirs

Now, I can see that I will have to attend a couple of events in August and find one of the rather few multis in the area so that I can complete the set.




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