Time to hide some caches

25 08 2014

The last time I hid a cache was over a year ago but after a visit to England earlier this year where I found a number of very Creative caches I decided that rather than just place a traditional tupperware container somewhere or even worse, another puzzle cache, I would borrow and develop the ideas presented by JJEF.

As a consequence my garage has looked like Santa’s workshop for the past few months and a handful of caches were ready for placement in June. That was when the question arose. Where was I going to place them all? That question remained unanswered until a couple of seemingly unrelated events occured a few weeks ago. Firstly, was the release of the Björsjön series of caches followed on my birthday by a surprise present – a bag full of plastic screw bottle tops. Someone knew that I had bought a bag of PET preforms at the Hedmora event in Norn and needed tops for them. It seems as though there is a wish from my fellow geocachers in the area that a new trail is created in or close to Gävle. 🙂

That was what I needed to get out into the nearby Hemlingby leisure area and the start of a mapping and placement exercise. I mapped out where I want to place the caches a couple of weeks ago and have started to place caches in the wild.

The first two caches Hemlingby Trail #11 – Dunk and Hemlingby Trail #12 – Pinball Wizard are now in place and activated. We had one of the grandchildren staying with us and of course he wanted to go out and help me. He’s been caching nearly as long as I have but it does help when they start young – 7 months in his case. When other family members heard about our planned activity they wanted to come along as well.

That meant we were seven people in the woods to hide the two caches. I think that the prospect of having a picnic was just as attractive as hiding the caches.

This is how many people it takes to hide a cache

This is how many people it takes to hide a cache

Of course, even though I had my camera with me I forgot to take photos of both of the caches in their new surroundings so this picture will have to suffice.

The first cache is now in place and has been found

The first cache is now in place and has been found




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