My targets for 2015

22 12 2014

The year isn’t over yet so I am still hunting caches albeit at a slower pace. What I am doing is preparing for 2015 where of course I have decided that I need to set new targets. They are summarised below, and what I am trying to do now is related to target No 7. I don’t want to get to December 2015 and find it’s a really tough cold and snow rich winter, so it’s better to hunt for caches now as it is still virtually snow free here in Gästrikland. All being well I will end up with just one date to fill in December.

1. Find caches in all regions in Sweden
2. Find caches in 10 new counties of Sweden
3. Find caches in at least 3 more countries.
4. Find at least 10 more earthcaches
5. Place at least 3 new caches with different D/T ratings or types
6. Find puzzle caches to complete the A-Z, 0-9 owner challenge.
7. Complete the second round of the dates of the year challenge.
8. Complete the D/T matrix for puzzle caches.

I need to find a cache on each of the higlighted dates!

I need to find a cache on each of the higlighted dates!

Apart from that the targets are probably not too challenging except for No 6 and that’s just because there are not so many cachers with names starting with numerals!

So how did I do in 2014? Well, the year is not yet over so it will be a couple of weeks before I know.




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