A short walk in the Port Hills

10 01 2015

My first visit to New Zealand was in 1990 and I made a further four trips before I knew what geocaching was. However, my first visit that entailed geocaching was in 2005 and to celebrate that I have planned an event
10 years of caching in New Zealand on January 24.

The first cache that I found which is still active was Sign of the Kiwi (Canterbury) which I thought was a fitting place for me to start todays walk in the Port Hills on a somewhat hazy day. It was a good 25C so fine for walking. From there my route took me along Mitchell Track to Baywatch. I was surprised that I hadn’t found this earlier but I think that the earthquakes may have closed off the hills on my last few visits.

View of Quail Island in the bay outside Lyttelton

View of Quail Island in the bay outside Lyttelton

I then went on as far as the Huntsbury Track further up Summit Road passing The ‘D’ Puzzle Challenge (Canterbury), which luckily I had done my homework for. I tried to base the result on just NZ caches but ended up adding a couple from abroad to complete the challenge.

High 50 Peaks & Marathons Geocache (Canterbury) and Vampire Repellent (Canterbury) were found along the way.

View over Christchurch

View over Christchurch

The route back to car park at the Sign of the Kiwi was round the north side of Sugarloaf. I have been to the top of the hill on previous occasions hunting for caches.



Once getting back to the car park I made a short detour to find Treeland (Canterbury) before returning down to town and a well earned coffee.

Sign of the Kiwi - still not repaired after the quakes

Sign of the Kiwi – still not repaired after the quakes

In the afternoon I added a further 10 km walk to the days activity by doing a loop from where I was staying out to Yaldhurst and back collecting SCORE a DECADEnt CENTURY Challenge Cache and The Forsaken Cache Challenge along the way. The latter cache was quite interesting in both the content of the challenge and also the great macros in GSAK that helped me work out that I was qualified. It’s worth looking at even if you can’t get to sign the log. It may even inspire some similar cache elsewhere.




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