New adventure

18 05 2015

After the trip to Rasbo I have just picked up caches on a casual basis including those on the mini trail JPT consisting of 23 caches just north of Sandviken and a few in a mini mystery circle just to the west of Sandviken with the name Dra åt korken where there are 18 caches and probably more to come. Most have been found at lunch times or directly after work.

But now it’s time for a break. Many of you will recognise the flag!

The flag of Greece

The flag of Greece

Apart from a brief transit visit in Athens in 1984 when Swissair stopped enroute from Zurich to Mumbai I haven’t visited Greece. After perusing travel catalogues covering charter trips to just about all of the 100 and something islands the choice landed on Samos. I don’t remember all the criteria but I think a good hotel, a nearby airport and some places of interest gave us the result. I intend to visit the Tunnel of Eupalinos which is a fascinating feat of engineering.

Oh, and a cache or two.

When I downloaded the pocket query today I found that there are eighteen caches on the island. I only need one to get a smiley for Greece. 🙂

Samos with it's eighteen caches

Samos with it’s eighteen caches

More to follow. Now I have to pack and make sure to set my alarm clock for the unearthly hour of 2 am.




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