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3 08 2015

I have been back at work for three weeks and that has really slowed down my geocaching activities. Well, that’s not really true, I just feel too lethargic after work to make the effort to find any caches. Not a good sign. The number of unfound caches both in my home town of Gävle and close to work in Sandviken is increasing at an alarming rate. Some of them are brilliant but the majority are micros in boring places and I think that is contributing to my lack of effort to get out there and find them.

We are also encountering the “Myst syndrome”. Some may even say a plague. Of course, many cachers love the time they spend on solving mathematical, logical, picture or puzzles with really obscure thinking behind them and the cache itself is just a bonus. I still prefer to put coordinates into my GPS and go where it points me, but some of the puzzles are creative and fun to solve.

I visited the TBT trail between Åshammar and Alsjön on two occasions even though my intention was to complete the trail on one visit as it is not so long. On the first visit I lost time by talking to a guy I bumped into in the forest on a mushroom hunt and I hadn’t seen for some years. On the second one my passage was somewhat hampered by a huge boulder in the middle of the road that wasn’t there on my first trip. It seems that the landowner does this on quite a few roads in the area. Luckily I managed to squeeze by without scraping the car or driving into the ditch.

Something tells me traffic is not welcome here.

Something tells me traffic is not welcome here.

There are still a large number of PET tubes or bison caches hanging in trees in the area that I may look for if I have time.

As seems to be the case now, arrange some kind of promotion in August with different themes. This year it’s a road trip with five souvenirs to collect and a sixth bonus souvenir for collecting the first five. The first three were easy to achieve and surprisingly enough so was finding an earthcache. It’s a little strange that there aren’t more in Sweden considering the geology of the land. I found Ol-Larsbergen just to the west of Ockelbo, so not too long a drive from work. It was an interesting area.

Ol-Larsberget - the site of the nearest earthcache

Ol-Larsberget – the site of the nearest earthcache

From there I drove over to the ZGO trail but gave up after several DNF’s. It seems that in addition to caches having “walked” a couple of them had been replaced and my PQ had been downloaded before the move. The ground clearance of my car was a little too low for me to risk going on so I turned around. Perhaps it will be easier from the other end, or I will have to walk/bike. More on that trail later.

So now I have four of the souvenirs and next weekend I will hopefully be able to claim the fifth souvenir. Of course, that one is for finding a mystery cache. Luckily it’s not a problem as I have solved a number of mysts ready for me to get out and sign the logbooks.

Geocaching Road Trip 2015 souvenirs.

Geocaching Road Trip 2015 souvenirs.




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