Tighten the lid – Dra åt korken

18 08 2015

A couple of months ago a new mystery cache ring appeared to the west of Sandviken called Dra åt korken, close to where one of the prolific local cachers lives. I honestly don’t know where he gets all the ideas from nor the time to place and maintain all the caches. To date he has 450 placed caches of which 107 are mystery caches.

Anyway, I solved a couple of the mysteries when they were published then shot out to find the caches with the hope of getting a couple of FTF’s, although in this area that doesn’t happen anymore as there are a couple of FTF hounds that don’t seem to have any kind of restrictions in terms of time or effort to stop them. :-)Of course, even though no logs were shown on the web page I “knew” that someone would have been there before me. I was right. Logged in the middle of the night. Don’t people ever sleep?

As a consequence I decided to solve all the mysteries first then go out and look for them . Easier said than done and I still have eight of the eighteen mysteries left to solve. I have to admit that solving puzzles isn’t really my thing.

I have been in the area earlier on a trail placed by the same CO called P³T, so I have an idea what the terrain is like. Forest with a myriad number of paths across it but not really difficult terrain. Yesterday after work the weather was warm and sunny so I decided to park at the southern edge of the circle as it seemed most accessible and set off from there. An hour and a half later I had logged the eight caches I was looking for and only managed to get sweaty and pick up one tick which I discovered crawling up my leg when I got home and went for a shower. Usch. I took the opportunity to scope the area for chantarelles but was disappointed to not find any. There were plenty of other types of fungi but mostly inedible.

Plenty of inedible fungii

Plenty of inedible fungii

I only had to really search for cache #5 although I did need to do some walking through the undergrowth for a couple of hundred meters to #12 as there were no paths from the direction I was heading towards it.

The area now has a nice number of smilies on it but still plenty of ?- marks to straighten out. I can see that I need to revisit the mysteries in the area and see if I can solve them . Some form of collaboration my be needed.

The Dra åt korken series before today's walk

The Dra åt korken series before today’s walk

The Dra åt korken series after today's walk

The Dra åt korken series after today’s walk




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