International Earthcaching Day

12 10 2015

International Earthcache Day 2015 souvenir
One of my favourite type of cache is the earthcache, as I have always had an interest in geology. They come in all kinds of environment, usually in places of natural beauty but sometimes in an urban or industrial landscape. October 11 was International Earthcache Day 2015 and luckily enough there was an earthache in town that I hadn’t found and could log. Thanks Olle for an informative earthcache within biking range. Diabas i Gävle The next closest would probably have been in Falun or Hedemora!

There are surprisingly few earthcaches in the area considering the mining activity near Hofors and the effect of the ice age and just the great variances in the geology if Sweden in general. To be more precise, there are just five in roughly 2500 km2, two of which are mine. I created the first one over ten years ago then for some reason other priorities took over and nothing more was done in that area. I have intended to create an earthcache at an old manganese mine near Storvik and have all the relevant information but not collated it yet. Maybe something to do in the dark months of winter.

Lots of empty space between the earhcaches

Lots of empty space between the earhcaches

However, due to a “Needs maintenance” log on my first cache Gavelhyttan I discovered an interesting geological object that I didn’t previously knew existed and it sparked off enough energy that I promptly went home, did some research and created my second earthcache in the area, Storsjön Konglomerat This was in good time for this years International Earthcaching Day.

As a result of me placing it, my third earthcache, and having found more than twenty (actually more than 100) I qualify as a Platinum Earthcache Master. I duly sent in my application but had no response so I had to fill in that tricky web form again.

Anyway, I have enjoyed my earthcaching activities over the past decade and am happy that in addition to the great experiences I have had that it has also resulted in the Platinum Earthcache Master icon.

Yes, I am now a Platinum Earthcache Master!

Yes, I am now a Platinum Earthcache Master!




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