My targets for 2016

21 11 2015

One of the fun things about geocaching, apart from being out hunting for caches, is the background work with the statistics. I know I am not alone on this. I also find that having some targets to aim for make the experience more fun. In earlier years it has been easier to add the standard targets that all geocachers seem to have, like finding a cache on all days of the year or all D/T combinations. Once all that is done it gets tricker and more individual.

Some of my earlier targets are listed here
Targets 2010
Targets 2011
Targets 2014
Targets 2015

My targets for 2016 don’t differ an awful lot from those of 2015. Can they be met or will I fail again like I did last year? The answer will be seen at the end of the year of course!

1. Find at least one cache in Norrland

2. Find at least one cache in 10 new boroughs of Sweden

3. Find caches in at least 3 more countries.

4. Find at least 10 more earthcaches

5. Place at least 3 new caches with different D/T ratings or types

6. Find puzzle caches to complete the A-Z, 0-9 owner challenge.

7. Find ten new D/T combinations for puzzle caches.




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