One down, two to go

14 12 2015

Despite this being the middle of December winter is not really closing in. There is no snow and temperatures above zero are forecast for Christmas. Today I needed to find a cache for my “cache on every date of the year – round 2” activity. During November I was able to find caches on the dates of interest either on my way home from work at the beginning of the month or as the daylight hours diminished, on my way to work during the latter part of the month.

My goal will hopefully be met after three more finds, the one today and then two in February, on the 13th and finally on the 29th. As the sun doesn’t rise until 08:55 my journey to work is in the dark and of course as the sun sets at 14:37 it’s completely dark when I go home. In order to cache in daylight I had to do a quick lunchtime cache. The positives for today were that the sun was shining despite it just being a few degrees above the horizon and that there was a cache just a few minutes drive from my office. The negatives were that it was -7 C and a hard wind was blowing. Oh, and that I didn’t have the coords in my GPS and I realized as I left the office my smart phone needed charging. I happened to be driving past GZ a few months ago when cgocgo was placing the cache, even if I didn’t realize what he was doing at the time. I should have stopped and got an FTF but I suspect it hadn’t been published then. At least I knew what kind of object hosted the cache.

Ice piling up near the shore of Storsjön by the wind blowing across the open water

Ice piling up near the shore of Storsjön by the wind blowing across the open water

When I reached Sandvikens Jernverk #3 – Kraft 2nd Edition there was good parking and the hint gave me only a handful of places to search. With the wind howling across the open western stretch of water in Storsjön and the sun shining right into my eyes I located the cache in the last place I looked. Doesn’t that always seem to be the case? So with frozen fingers I signed the log strip and hurried back to the car where I turned the heater up to full and drove back to work. Another one ticked off and just two to go. Now I’m looking forward to a few days off work at Christmas and hopefully a chance to spend more than half an hour caching.




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