Dan före dan or lunchtime caching

23 12 2015

It’s the day before Christmas Eve (dan före dan) and the office is quiet as most people seem to have chosen to have a long Christmas and New Year’s break. There is no snow and the real Christmas feel isn’t there. However, sunny days, temperatures above zero and no snow make geocaching easier. I felt that I needed to get some fresh air today and decided that it would only take half an hour or so to drive north east out of Sandviken on the old road to Valbo – Bäckvägen and grab a few caches.

Bäckvägen - lunchtime caches.

Bäckvägen – lunchtime caches.

With the exception of the first cache the others I found were in SE81293’s Julkalender 2015 series. The others are to be found between Hammarby and Årsunda plus Årsunda and Främlingshem. I can see another couple of lunch time trips coming up.

I read in Ironhawk67’s log for Julkalender 2015 – 2 dagar kvar that the road was really icy and I know from past experience that it can be a tricky road in winter. It was icy and as I rounded the final corner before Ett gränsfall I saw that someone had really “överskridit gränserna” and pushed their car beyond it’s limits. No-one was in the car but it must have been a shocking experience. All the Julkalender caches were placed close to safe parking spots (thanks Peter) and despite them all being bisons and one with off-coordinates they were all easy to spot.

The driver has pushed himself over the limits - överskridit gränserna.

The driver has pushed himself over the limits – överskridit gränserna.

The forty minutes it took me to find all the caches and get back to the office made my afternoon a lot easier to get through.




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