A mini power trail on Gavelstigen

30 12 2015

As I walked away from High Tech Countryside Letterbox #2 I wondered why I hadn’t been taking any photographs. When I was at the starting coordinates for this cache yesterday it was – 10 C, the sun was shining, the skies were blue and the road was dry. Today it was – 2 C cloudy and the road and all the surrounding trees were white with a heavy frost. The road was really slippery and walking through tall grass with just office shoes on wasn’t the best of ideas, but as I was on a lunchtime caching run that’s what I had on. The components of the cache were all well made and I should have taken photos just so I would remember what it looked like. It was well worth the visit.

Once the cache was logged I headed off for Årsunda and Gavelstigen, the road that cuts across to Hammarby. That’s Gestrike – Hammarby of course. Forty years ago the road was just a gravel cow track that was great to drive along and pretend I was a rally driver. Now I am more sensible and treat the sealed road with great respect. All the bends are still there but there is more traffic than before. A number of the Julkalender 2015 caches are placed here so I was able to treat them like a mini power trail. After I logged my finds and looked at the geocaching map I saw that I had missed
Julkalender 2015 – Dan före dan as my downloaded PQ was from a couple of days prior to that.

I then finally stopped and took a couple of photos before rushing on so I could get back to work for the final few hours of 2015. Of course the giant pine still has it’s growth at the top and has always seemed to be this large.



Giant pine with growth near the top

Giant pine with growth near the top





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