Dan före dopparedagen

29 12 2016

There is no good English translation for “dan före dopparedagen”. The day before Christmas Eve doesn’t sound so special now does it? Anyway, it was a day whereby I was able to find a handful of caches before my muggle partner and one of the grandchildren tired and after the obligatory “fika” wanted to go home.

There is a mystery ring an hours drive away from home in Gävle called Malmjärn Runt, a name shared by an autumn car rally and Malmjärn being the name of a lake south of Torsåker. I am not a great fan of mystery caches as I never seem to be able to solve the mysteries without a huge effort on my tired brain. As a consequence a large majority of the fifty plus caches that the trail consists of have remained unsolved in my GSAK database. The trail was placed in March and by the summer I had solved and checked just over twenty, then I got bored. Of the remaining thrity plus some seemed doable and some were discarded as soon as the cache page was opened.

There were enough solved to warrant a trip out and of course, my expectation was to find all the twenty plus that I had solved. We started off at the red arrow and got as far as the “X” before I was convinced we needed to make a break and return home. Aargh! We had hardly started.

Just a handful of smilies so far but more to come

Just a handful of smilies so far but more to come

The first cache to be found was Malmjärn Runt 01 and of course as is usual with the CO’s trails of which he has a number, the container was a PET-preform hanging in a tree and relatively easy to find and pretty winter safe. Many of my earlier caches were regular sized tupperware type boxes “under a stone” in the forest and they all suffered and still do from damp problems. Lying under snow for half the year isn’t a great idea.

We progressed steadily from solved myst to solved myst and found the PET preforms at good coordinates. I even remembered to make a note of the codes that were written on the log strips which is quite unusual for me, I usually forget on the first handful of caches then it is too late to go back and make a note.

Blue skies, sun, +1C and a brisk wind blowing across the lake

Blue skies, sun, +1C and a brisk wind blowing across the lake

The sun was shining when we stopped for our sandwiches and coffee/juice but a brisk wind was blowing across the lake so we didn’t stay longer than necessary before jumping back into the car and heading home. I will be back.




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