New Year’s Day 2017

3 01 2017

New Year’s Day – 11 am. The sun was shining and the temperature was above zero. We just intended to go for a local walk in order to get some fresh air after a pleasant New Year’s Eve celebration, but the walk developed into a mini myst-cache hunt in Andersberg with a slight detour to Gävle Bro for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I had quickly glanced at the geocaching map and seen that there were many mysts in Andersberg that I hadn’t solved/found. As I have written before, they are not my favourite types of caches. Anyway, there was a graffiti painting of two cats on #8 Katterna and I guessed (incorrectly as it turns out) that they were on one of the underpasses in Andersberg of which there are just four so we set off to visit them. The extra walk to Gävle Bro came on the spur of the moment as we passed the second underpass on to Skogsmurvägen.

By now we had stumbled on A-Hill 3 by chance. During our coffee break I worked out the coords for the cache and we started heading in that direction. Suddenly my partner stopped and asked if I had looked at the house wall to my right. I hadn’t, but there was A-Hill 5 and a quick calculation showed that GZ was on our walk home. Nice.

One of my newish toys is a Yaesu FT-2DR, an amateur radio handheld radio with built in GPS. It sends a signal by radio at an interval I choose and can be picked up on if you know my radio call sign. It’s fresh information and probably won’t be seen after a day or two.

APRS tracklog from my handheld radio

APRS tracklog from my handheld radio

It’s not like looking at the track log from a GPS but it is visible in real time. So our little walk around Andersberg confirmed that there are no cats there, at least not that we saw, but there are other caches there somewhere. Maybe there will be a new walk in the area next weekend?




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