Belated geocaching targets 2017

30 01 2017

I’m not going to make it hard for myself this year. I am rolling over targets from 2016 as I didn’t meet most of them last year. Some of them are easy and target #3 will no doubt be fun but the last target is one that will demand more diligence and hard work I’m sure. Anyway here is the short list that I have.

1. Find at least one cache in Norrland.
2. Find at least one cache in ten new boroughs of Sweden.
3. Find caches in at least three more countries.
4. Find at least ten more earthcaches.
5. Place at least three new caches with different D/T ratings or types.
6. Find the 3 remaining puzzle caches to complete the Questionable COs: A-Z Roll of Honour Challenge.




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