Forest trails

11 04 2017

It doesn’t seem so long since I last posted about our trip to Tenerife but nearly a month has passed. Since then I have found a steady stream of caches and planned for a new geocaching adventure that will add a new geocaching country to my list. However, nothing much of the day to day caching has been of great interest. A couple of new forest trails have turned up and my muggle partner and I have enjoyed a few hours walking in the forest along dirt roads. They are good if you wish to get some exercise but showing pictures from a forest with little in way of redeeming features like nice views from hills and over lakes isn’t so enthralling.

Our first walk in the forest was on the “Skogsdoft” trail, #1 – #10. This is a trail some 20 km by road to the west of Gävle.The sun was shining but it was still quite cold in the forest and the road was frozen to a great extent. There was, however, no snow in amongst the trees so getting to the caches was quite easy. We didn’t meet anyone on this walk.

Our second walk in the forest was just a few kilometers to the south of Gävle and here on the “End of the road Trail” we not only found all caches #1 – #10 but we met a fellow geocacher, Paraiba, at the final cache. Cache #4 was placed in a tree by the CO, a tree that had fallen offer for a logging company, so the FTF hunters had quickly passed by. At first sight I can understand why, but suddenly as I looked at the devastation and piles of lopped off branches my eye caught something that was out of place and it turned out to be the log book so this gave me an FTF, which is a rather unusual occurence for me these days.

FTF on a cache that a logging company had destroyed

Our third and final walk was on Sunday and again this was a warm and sunny day. The dirt roads had more or less dried up and once again we bumped into a fellow geocacher, madchicken, who was doing the complete trail från #1-#30 in a clockwise direction whilst we were doing the caches #30 – #11 in an anticlockwise direction. I reality we had planned to walk back the same way that we had come as it was shorter and we needed to revisit a couple of caches where we had failed to find anything. The additional help from Madchicken was a welcome bonus. He found one that I DNF’d on and I found the other so we were both happy.

Madchicken is in there somewhere

There is a great shelter nearby Skogsdoft #27 that has plenty of wood and a stove ready for use. In addtion there was a sign showing the history of the road, that I found to be quite interesting.

Well built shelter near Skogsdoft #27

Information about the forest road

The final short trail I did was “Skogslänk” and this was done by car early on Monday morning on my way to work and netted a further four FTF’s.

The week after Easter will be spent abroad and for those who are interested googling the image of a triskellion may give a clue to which country I mean.




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