ds8300 is the geocaching alias for Martin Crowther. I have been geocaching since 2003 which is an eon in geocaching circles. I am based in Gävle, Sweden. Now, in late 2018 I have found nearly four thousand caches in Sweden and nearly as many abroad of which the majority were at least 7500 km away from my home. It’s witness to the fact that I also enjoy travelling. To date I have found caches in forty eight countries and add one or two new ones each year.

I still use a Garmin Oregon 450 as my primary GPS with a Garmin ETrex Legend Cx as back up. I use my iPhone 7S with the geocaching.com app for most of my spontaneous and urban caching. My cache database and statistics generator are maintained in GSAK.

I hope you enjoy the blog. If you have anything to add please drop me a comment on any of my posts and I will get back to you. Any site feedback is greatly appreciated and I’ll be happy to do a link exchange if you have a site. Just drop me a comment! Happy caching!


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28 12 2010
Daniel Takayama

Jag sökte på geocaching på twitter och hittade ett inlägg från dig. Jag kände igen ditt alias. Jag kommer från Valbo utanför Gävle och har läst ditt alias i någon logg eller som namn på någon cache i Gävle-området. Jag klickade vidare till din blogg och den gillar jag. Bra skriven! Nu har jag att läsa ett tag! 🙂 Lade upp att följa din twitter-kanal också. Lägger du alltid upp en post där när bloggen får ett nytt inlägg?
God fortsättning!
Daniel Takayama

29 12 2010

Jag använder Twitter lite till o från fast jag hade tänkt att jag skulle bli bättre på det.
I use Twitter now and then but I had intended to improve my use of it.

8 04 2012

Hey Martin,
Was just reading about your visit to GC46.
My brother Peter and I write geocaching blog It’s Not About The Numbers, and wondered if you’d be interested in doing a guest post for us. Topic of your choice.

10 04 2012

It would be great to write something for you. You may not want me to write about my experiences in New Zealand as you have plenty of your own but let me know. Perhaps something from Sweden?

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