3 08 2017

There are power trails and there are forest trails. This is one of the latter and it doesn’t lend itself to zooming round in a car and quickly ticking off the finds. It can be done on a mountain bike but some parts are better done on foot. Of course you need some type of transport to get you to where you intend to start walking or biking but that’s obvious.

The trail GL3 follows a stretch of Gästrikeleden. Gästrikeleden is a trail that goes all round Gästrikland and is about 270 km long. The maps of the trail can be found here.

Ever since I moved to Sweden some forty plus years ago I have been saying “I should walk round Gästrikeleden – one day”. I started off by walking from Hemlingby to Högbo, some 30+ km and got blisters doing so. I followed that by walking from Brattfors to Högbo and then lost interest. I have since then made sporadic attempts and have walked from Hemlingby to Älvkarleby and a few other shorter stretches here and there. When the GL3 trail (link is to westernmost cache) appeared I thought that it would be a great motivator to get me out walking again. It has to a certain extent, but I never seem to have time. Yes, I know. I mean “I haven’t given it the right priority”. I have to admit that the main issue is one of getting to the starting point then getting back to the starting point without having to walk back. In some places public transport works but in most cases it doesn’t. Two cars are a solution if you can find someone else willing to walk with you. So far, every time I mention Gästrikeleden everyone seems to get a glassy look in there eyes and start to mention chores or busy elsewhere. Anyway, I started to work on the GL3 trail in November 2014 and now nearly three years later I have done about half of the caches.

The GL3 trail caches can be seen on the map below and I still have about half left to find. I am hoping that I will manage it this year!

GL3 trail

Most of the caches on the GL3 trail (there could be more to come) were placed three years ago and I have visited a couple of sections over the years but never enough to collect ten codes and find the mystery associated with them. As I was in the area for the The lost treasure of Mary Hyde event it was a great opportunity to hunt for some of the caches. It was possible to find the westernmost six caches – GL3 #A21 to GL3 #A26 before the heavy rain came. A few days later I managed to get my partner to come out for a walk along part of the trail and we found a further eight caches between GL3 #A27 and GL3 #A37 including GL3 #A FINAL 3. Unfortunately a couple of DNF’s due to the host trees having been chopped down meant that it wasn’t possible to search for the related final – GL3 #A FINAL 4.

Most of the trail is in the forest but there are places where people have been living and working for a long time. Here at Storviks fäbodvallar were a few remaining cottages and a spring and tree that were purported to belong to Karl XII. (17 June 1682 to 30 November 1718). The spring must have been a good reason to build the forest pasture in the first place. How the tree managed to take on it’s present form is anyone’s guess. There was a signboard with details of what the area could have looked like when it was in use. The area became disused in about 1945.

Karl XII tree

Karl XII spring


I thought about including more photos of the trail but they all look pretty much the same with a few things to differentiate them.. Paths in the forest. Wide paths, narrow paths, dry paths and muddy paths.

Part of the trail

At one point I found a lot, now I mean a LOT, of chanterelles, but I didn’t have anything to put them in if I had picked them.


I made a mental note of where they were and who knows, maybe I can get back before someone else does. But then again the petrol money would be more than buying the same amount of mushrooms in the local supermarket.

At least I have now found two of the finals. Three more to go.

GL3 final #2for B section

So now I just need to get my butt out of my chair and find the remaining caches in the series.


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