July events

1 08 2017

Despite being on vacation I have done very little geocaching, if you ask me. If you ask my partner it’s a different story, of course. I have been to three events and cached on a total of seven different days. On two of them I have found just one cache. Now that is what I call very little caching.

The month started with an event on 2017-07-01 Förmiddagskaffe. This was at the “commemorate Canada 150 years” weekend and in addition to the event itself also gave a souvenir. I could add it to the two Canadian souvenirs I already had. I’m pretty sure that the Canada souvenir came just last year, ten years after my visit but that the Ontario souvenir was available then. However, my memory being what it is I can’t be certain.

Canada souvenirs

The event was a bit special in that it turned out to be a “multi”. Due to the fantastic Swedish summer month of July, where EVERYONE is on holiday, the event location wasn’t open when we arrived. A new place was quickly decided on and the event info updated. That was also closed, and so was the third place. The event was finally held at Donkens in Sandviken. You can rely on them to be open. TB’s and coins were passed around and I chatted with new and old faces before going home and starting on my vacation chore of painting the garage.

The second event was at Axmar Bruk. 2017-07-09 Välkommen till/ Welcome to: Axmarbruk. I convinced my partner that it would make a nice afternoon out and that there probably would not be so many people there. I was wrong. The event was very well attended. A handful of new caches were released and we were able to look around the park, which we have not done before. We usually just pass by on our way to Axmarbrygga, a very good fish restaurant. After the event we drove out to Gåsholma where apart from logging a couple of caches on the way we bought some fresh perch (aborre) fillets and a smoked char (röding). They were delicious.

Some of the event participants on a hunt

One of the remaining buildings at Axmar Bruk

The third event was 2017-07-16 Build your crew: The lost treasure of Mary Hyde which was again an activity initiated by geocaching HQ. Over a period of time several souvenirs are to be gained by achieving various goals. As we are now in the middle of the activity I don’t know all the stages. More can be found here.

The event meant an early start from Gävle but the sun was shining and I was curious as to what the EO had in mind for us. He had formed a colourful cache description page and promised to release some caches at the event. The event location was Hohälla, some kilometers north west of Storvik. In the middle of nowhere! Again, this was a well attended event and there were plenty of geocoins to log (thanks Gluggfan) and a new mystery trail that we all followed in a caravan of cars and which lead us to a real treasure chest. Fantastic. An eloge to SE81293 for all the effort put into the event.

Participants at the Mary Hyde event at Hohälla

Is this Mary Hyde’s treasure chest?

The first Mary Hyde souvenir

After the event I decided to start ticking off some more of the GL3 trail caches and did the most westerly ones before the rain set in – GL3 #A21 to GL3 #A26 together with Lealetar. Since then I have found over a dozen more and hope to have found them all before the summer is over. More to come in a new post.


A walk in the forest

22 04 2014

It’s spring and the time that geocachers come out of their winter hibernation and start strewing caches all over town and country. I now have 48 cache within 5km from home that I need to find. Nearly half are mysteries that are on my “hold” list. The situation 5km from work is better, only 23 caches to find and no unsolved mysteries. However, just to the west of Sandviken where I work there are many more new caches to find due to new and active cachers in the area.

Trails between Sandviken and Åshammar

Trails between Sandviken and Åshammar

As it was such fine weather over Easter my partner and I decided to go for a walk and collect some caches at the same time. Of course a thermos of coffee and some sandwiches were taken along. The aim of the day was to find the cache on the Tuna Trail. The area is called Tuna and as far as I know there is not relation to the fish of the same name. I was half hoping that the barrier across the road would be open but guessed that it may not be. It wasn’t so we walked around the track. Getting back to the barrier some hours later we found it open. Murphy’s law of course. The caches were a mix of small and micro and their hiding places were mostly a mix of under rocks or hanging in trees.

A typical cache.

A typical cache.

A typical view along the Tuna trail

A typical view along the Tuna trail

We found 14 of the fifteen caches. The DNF was on a cache in a tree. Despite climbing up the tree I didn’t see the cache. Slightly irritating is that we met a fellow goecacher on the second trail we followed from Ludvika. A guy with the nickname Sharkoak. He found the cache later in the day. Duh. I heard later from DanPia that one of the FTFers thought it would be fun to place the cache much higher up the tree than the CO intended. I never understand why some people can’t respect the CO’s placement of caches.

The second track we followed was somewhat shorter and had just ten caches. One of them on the track – The shorter twin had a T4 rating but we found the cache on the ground. There was a long branch lying on the ground next to it and a short branch on the tree that looked like the likely place for the cache to be hung, if judging the wire loop on the cache was anything to go by. A few minutes of attempting to get the cache back in position failed by just a few centimeters. A little way along the track we met Sharkoak, who’s nickname and today’s date we had seen in all the caches so far. He was carrying a strap and explained that he had knocked the cache down from the tree but was too short to put it back. We continued on to the remaining caches and on the way back noted that the cache was hanging in the tree again.

The cache should have been hanging on the lowest branch but we found it on the ground

The cache should have been hanging on the lowest branch but we found it on the ground

Apparently it was a busy day as several other well known geocachers were on the trail the same day but we didn’t meet them. One of them, IrreVilse, I met at the CITO event in Gävle the weekend after and we updated each other on what we had been up to. I got a hint on a cache of mine that needs some maintenance so that will have to be done next week.

Hidden nine years ago today

6 06 2012

Nine years ago today my first geocache was published on Geocaching.com! It is called Gavelhyttan and I am pleased to say that it is still in place. It’s placing is out of town in a beautiful spot where Hammarbyån runs into Storsjön, the lake close to Sandviken, but as it is not near to a major road it doesn’t have a high visit frequency. I don’t mind though as it still represents my start to hiding caches, of which there are now around seventy in operation.

If I remember rightly this was the year that the Swedish government had decided to appoint a commission lead by Per Nuder to look at the consequences of making Sweden’s National Day (also called Gustaf Vasas day, Swedish flag day), which is June 6, a public holiday. The original proposal was made in 1989 and the law finally changed on Jan 1 2005. Those who are interested in such history can read more here.

At the time, all I remember is that when I placed the cache it was a great sunny day and I thought that the spot warranted a cache being placed there. I spent a lot of time looking around the mill ruins on the north bank but in the end decided that it would be less likely to be found by “muggles” than on the south bank. When I placed the cache the term “muggle” hadn’t been coined.

I took some photos with my first digial camera, a Fuji DX-5, with a picture resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is miniscule compared to that of today’s cameras and published my first cache on geocaching.com. In those early days there were no such things as cache attributes so it was quite a basic process to get a cache published.

Contents of my first placed cache

It’s also interesting to note that it is the second oldest remaining cache within 40km of Gävle. The oldest surviving cache is the first one that I found GCF242 Gavle-bro. Of the caches placed in the following year, thirty four remain, all bar one placed by Piggen or myself. Those were the days.

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